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Mount Shasta Coffee is a local coffee café, shop or restaurant. Established three years ago, we’re a team of coffee lovers who joined hands to begin this restaurant.

We’re located in the delightful and picturesque City of Mount Shasta, California. At Mount Shasta Coffee, we serve delicious coffee drinks to coffee lovers within the city, including travelers and tourists.

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Greeting From Our Team

Our menu is simple, and we cook everything fresh daily. And, we source most of our products locally to promote the local economy.

Inside our coffee shop, the atmosphere is cozy and serves an unforgettable drinking experience. Whether you’re looking for an intimate affair or a social moment, we’ve got you covered. You’re all welcome to Mount Shasta Coffee, a place where kids love our shakes and baked treats.

We prepare coffee in different ways to provide varied flavors bound to satisfy your taste buds and cravings for the drink. We have experience preparing coffee for ourselves back in our home kitchens and busy shops all over the nation.

We don’t just sell coffee, but the drinking experience, flavor an aromas. This ensures that our happy clients always return for more of their best drink.

Vince Tracy

Our Barista

Sam Wilkes

Coffee Master

Stephan Kim

Senior Barista

Samantha Angel

Middle Manager

We aim to serve more than just a cup of coffee by giving our clients the best in everything we do. Mount Shasta Coffee is a place rich in coffee culture. We incorporate all coffee cultures, rituals, and traditions into a touch of modernity through our different recipes.

Our team is always experimenting with different coffee bean types, coarses, and relevant ingredients such as milk and sweeteners to come up with new and tastier coffees full of aromas and flavors.

Whether you want to enjoy coffee as the Italians do or the Spanish way, we have something for everyone. Consider anything from the strongest servings to mild coffee cups. Let’s enjoy coffee together at Mount Shasta Coffee shop.

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