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Warm Or Cold Cup Of Coffee

A must-drink and an essential daily ritual. Coffee is stimulating and primes us for mental or physical work.

Espresso and Coffee Made

At Mount Shasta Coffee, we’re all about deep coffee cultures and traditions. We make it completely easy to enjoy drinking great coffee around other people who love it as you do. We provide an atmosphere that enhances your experience as you drink your favorite beverage.

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Espresso and Coffee Made


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Happy Coffee Lovers

We believe that good coffee is the one prepared from freshly-ground coffee beans. And, we do everything we can at the café, including roasting our own coffee beans to enhance flavor. This ensures that our customers only get the best and freshest coffee to drink.

We’ll take you on a journey from grinding fresh coffee beans to brewing your favorite cup. This way, we maintain superior quality in each cup. Ranging from the flavours to the aromas, everything is right each time we serve customers their favorite drink.

Fresh Ingredients

Enjoy your fresh cuppa coffee with a cheesecake, doughnuts, pastries or gourmet sandwich. We also provide all the accompaniments you’ll need to enjoy your coffee to ensure you leave our café completely satisfied. The confectioneries are available at cost-effective rates.

Our Story

Our story begins nowhere else but with our love for coffee and the creative community spaces created due to the popularity of coffee. Mount Shasta Coffee owner grew up listening to his father’s constant ramblings on how a good cuppa coffee should taste.

Over the years, he realized how coffee brings people together. Our founders were intrigued by the many coffee ‘rituals’ out there and fell in love with the whole coffee experience.

It was only natural for them to start a coffee shop and give coffee lovers, like you and I, an ideal coffee experience. Our story began with coffee, it reads coffee, and will end with the drink.


Our Client Say

Larissa Sins
Coffee Hobbyist

The coffee here is as good as the best coffee I have had in Queensland, and the pancake sweets are really yummy too

Roy Renolds
Coffee Addict

We stumbled across this place and so glad we did. Really buzzing vibe with quirky interior. More importantly the coffee is superb so much so we brought some home. Varied menu and staff are great!.