Indeed, healthy coffee is possible. The trick is in using the right kind of coffee, drinking it in the right amounts and adding only the right sweeteners. We are referring to coffee without the artificial preservatives, additives, and flavorings although you can always add more flavors to the coffee by suing spices like cinnamon, cardamom, and anise.Of course, we must also emphasize drinking coffee in moderate quantities as anything in excess can be bad for your health. Yes, that rule also applies to coffee with its protective and preventive properties against the following diseases.

Type II Diabetes

Initial studies have pointed to the lesser risks for developing the symptoms of Type II diabetes, which is the non-inherited type. There appear to be two ways that coffee makes this possible.First, the high levels of antioxidants in healthy coffee help in the prevention of cellular damage caused by free radicals in the body and in the environment. Second, coffee has abundant levels of magnesium and chromium, which are minerals proven to assist the body in the efficient use of insulin

Prevent Skin Cancer

Another great health benefit of coffee is that it can help to prevent skin cancer. Skin cancer can be reduced when coffee and exercise are combined. Studies have shown that combining caffeine and cardio can help to ensure damaged skin cells die off before they turn into cancer. To get the best benefit, ending your workout with a cup of coffee may help you prevent skin cancer that comes from sun damage.

Parkinson’s Disease

The results of studies for coffee and Parkinson’s disease have always been consistent – the higher the consumption of coffee, the lower the risks for Parkinson’s disease. The reasons for such a correlation have yet to be established but it is there, nonetheless.But it is not only Parkinson’s disease that has benefited from the consumption of healthy coffee. Studies have also shown an inverse relationship between the risks for dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases with the consumption of coffee drinks.


With the high levels of antioxidants in coffee, many scientists have found that the dark beverage can delay the signs of aging. Keep in mind that antioxidants fight the cellular damage wrought by free radicals from the foods we eat and the environment we live in. The higher our antioxidant levels in the body, the better we can delay the signs of aging including wrinkles and organ diseases.

Lose Weight

Even cavities can be prevented by drinking coffee. While this doesn’t mean you should stop flossing, it does help to help keep cavity-causing germs at bay. Trigonelline is found in coffee, and this compound has special antibacterial properties that are thought to keep the germs from being able to invade the tooth enamel to cause cavities. Coffee is also an excellent way to lose weight. Just remember not to pack on the additional calories from the artificial sweeteners like sugar, milk, and cream lest you start ballooning again.Coffee also boosts metabolism in the morning. As a result, your body starts to burn calories faster and, when coupled with the fact that coffee also contains stimulants, you are pumped up to perform more exercises. Plus, coffee is a natural diuretic such that you can lose excess weight in water.Indeed, healthy coffee is good for you just as long as you keep to moderate amounts. Coffee is now the new elixir of life, so to speak.Lowers Stress