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The magic Behind Drinking Coffee

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It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting your fitness program or you a guru in working out, the bottom

line is you require energy to allow you to maintain the fitness schedules. At the same time, you need to take

grab a drink which will slow your metabolism process. Coffee fits well in this category. Just before you work

out; use your coffee maker to prepare your favorite coffee to have the right energy to maintain the workouts.

Drinking coffee before gym, not only gives you the energy but also has an array of health benefits which


Keep your body and mind alert

Coffee is a stimulant which works directly on the central nervous system to keep you alert. It works directly

on the brain such that when you start, your workouts, you have coordinated moves and you feel less tired. A

number of calories in the drink is of the right quantity to allow you to follow the fitness instructor’s directions

without feeling fatigued.

Help to lose weight

Apart from just fitness, most people workout to lose weight. Why take a drink which has more calories yet

you need to burn some of those calories to maintain a healthy weight. The irony of this is that a workout is

physically intensive and you need the energy to work on various gym equipment ( on the type of

fitness you do. Coffee comes in as the best option for as an energy boost with the minimal number of

calories — in indicator of weight loss. Why take a drink with high-calory content when prior to hitting the gym

yet you need to lose that excess weight? To get achieve this, let the drink have no sugar or cream which

carries more calories.

Enhances your work out performance

Have you started your workout and you get bored even before you start? It’s either you have had a busy

day or your body cells just require a rest. A cup of coffee after a tiresome day before you hit the gym helps

you to increase your metabolic rate that stimulates the cells to the activity at hand. The stimulant wakes up

all near-dead body cells. That is why most people who want to work long hours into the night never miss a

cup. of this magic drink. The body cells will not allow you to rest the moment the coffee drink gets into your


Boosts your energy to maintain the workout pace

You start your workout at a slow pace as you increase your push-ups and movements. As time goes by, you

have to handle vigorous exercises to achieve your work out goals. Coffee drink allows you to keep up to the

pace without even noticing.

It is evident coffee gives your body yet another chance to rejuvenate irrespective whether you are tired or

bored. With workouts, you need the motivation and psyche to maintain your schedules. Coffee is the best

dink for this purpose. In addition, it also reduces blood pressure and blood cholesterol.

What are some of the Massage Services Ideal for a Café?

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It is time to rest and relax, going home will not give you the ultimate relaxation and a massage café provides a double functionality by having a taste of your favorite drink and get a massage or vice versa. A massage parlor in a café acts as a value-added service to customers, have you asked yourself why most massage parlors are located at near the cafes. Yes, coffee as a drink gives you the relaxation but if you require an in-depth kneading and a touch of the deep muscle tissue then a massage is the best option.

What makes a good Massage Café?

  • Quality Designs

A massage chair elevates a client to enhance blood flow to the legs and the brain allowing the central nervous system to produce hormones ideal for the relation of muscles. Touching on pressure points with nerve endings completes the process. You need a massage chair (  convenient for arm rests to enhance the comfort of the clients. Depending on the state of the muscles, intense tension may need a client to lie straight on a massage table with the legs or head at a higher point to enhance blood flow.

  • Quality Services

People love quality service; there is importance on value for money. Remember, handling a massage service need you to have some expertise and a wealth of knowledge on physiological processes because some of the clients might not have an idea of what service based on the boy feeling. A massage therapist is more of a doctor, you listen and provide the necessary service to reduce the symptoms of inflammation.

  • Professionalism and Integrity

A massage parlor is not a brothel, in as much as at times you are forced to touch some sensitive parts of a client which might lead to arousal, you have to maintain professionalism and integrity. This requires a strong personality otherwise if an employee goes overboard the café might have to handle long legal battles for sexual harassment.

  • Comfort

Some of the deep kneadings of muscles may be painful, you have to handle the client gently and regularly to ensure the massage room is not a torture chamber.

What are some of the Massage Services Ideal for a Café?

Most of the massage parlor in a café come because of fatigue, long hours of sitting and sedentary life. The best massage service should focus on enhancing blood flow to vital organs of the body. At the same time, not all inflammation can be handled by massage therapy, the wealth of knowledge from the professional should be able to distinguish between an underlying health condition and a normal body inflammation which can be eliminated by a touch of pressure points to ignites the production if stress-relieving hormones which help to relieve anxiety.

You also have to have customized massage therapy to accommodate the special population like the pregnancy women, the old, the invalids among others. Hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology massage, aromatherapy massage, and Thai massage from the top of the list of the services for the massage café.