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5 Facts That You Get Your Best Work Done in Coffee Shops

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Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in our world today. Its intoxicating aroma can provide a jolt of alertness to your otherwise lazy morning. Coffee is considered to be a daily wake up call which helps people become more focused. Recent research have found that there is a distinctive link between productivity and coffee. It’s no wonder why most people would rather work inside a coffee shop than stay inside their office or their home. Let’s take a look into the 5 Facts That You Get Your Best Work Done in Coffee Shops.

Caffeine doesn’t necessarily work by waking you up. Instead, it prevents a compound in the brain which causes the feeling of sleepiness. This compound is called adenosine which is a substance that slowly builds up as the day passes by. It lowers the energy levels of your body which results in feeling sleepy. Coffee effectively blocks away adenosine receptors in your brain. As a result, you will be able to prevent feeling sleepy when you still have so much work to accomplish. Completing your work inside a coffee shop helps you become more attentive and improves your cognitive functions.

Recent research suggests that coffee can effectively increase people’s level of creativity. When you work in a coffee shop setting, you are able to break down regular professional and social barriers. As a result, it leads into a more freewheeling and casual environment. Since coffee stimulates brain functions, you will be able to come up with more creative and innovative ideas while working inside a coffee shop.

You may have noticed that most campuses have a number of coffee shops inside the premises. This is the same concept when it comes to professional careers and jobs. Since coffee gives the brain fuel to work overtime, it helps working professionals to improve information retention. Therefore, you will be able to learn things much quicker by working inside a coffee shop setting.

While you’re sitting inside a coffee shop, you are surrounded by various types of stimuli coming from different directions. When you’re on your way to the location of the coffee shop, it will help clear your head and allow you to become more focused with the work at hand. Since you will be surrounded by a different environment, it will help increase your creative inspiration. The various elements around you will encourage your mind to come up with brand new ideas.

Endorphins are a group of hormones which are secreted from the brain and the nervous system. Once you get out of your office and head to your favorite coffee shop in your neighborhood, it will be able to stimulate the production of positive endorphins. It is what your brain needs in order to get by your hectic afternoon schedules. Additionally, the caffeine itself will boost your energy and aid in healthy digestion. The combination of endorphins and caffeine will provide an overall positive impact to your mental and physical health.

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